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Yah, it's one of those rare if-you-want-it-ask posts. Comments are screened for your protection. Several folks have asked for an address for me, so I figured I'd put something up. Folks I know can comment here if you want it. Larger packages need to go to a friend's house where there's a more secure place to leave them... my actual address can handle packages roughly 'shoebox length x shoebox length x shoebox length'. That's a cube based on the length of an average shoe box, for those whom I confused with that. I'm not very good at dimensioning.

No, I'm not expecting anyone to actually ask, but since a couple have already... so, yeah. I'm gonna go eat dinner now, provided I don't pass out on it.

So far..

May. 7th, 2009 01:43 pm
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... this is the best theorem offered:
Two guys blitzed to the nines on crack break into random residence at 0230 on a sunday morning and make off with various and sundry goods. Later that day, they come down from their high to discover they're each wearing nothing but leather cuffs and steel snaphooks, and that they've been happily watching porn together on their freshly stolen PS2.

I don't even want to think about the toys, okay? I'm going to go scrub my mind with a Brillotm pad and try to take a nap.
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Several folks asked for a list of what'd been boosted. It's HERE. ) Anyone that wasn't interested can ignore it, as the rest of this posting will be in the clear. The replacement door is in, but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. While it's completely finished from a structural standpoint, there's a LOT of cleanup that needs to be done this weekend. We need some dry weather, please. If anyone's got that on tap I'd much appreciate sending it my way.

I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll sleep.
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Well, it's been a wee bit since my last post, so this'll be a 'state of the cabbit' type of post.

Mom came home from Holy Cross Hospital Sunday night. She had a follow-up appointment today, and is genuinely in much better shape than when she was admitted.The antibiotics and cough med have helped tremendously, and she's getting her blood pressure and blood sugar numbers down to where they belong again. Her voice is shot, but that's from a combination of coughing fits and the oxygen feed she was on at the hospital. All things considered, she's on the mend and doing decently well.

I'm not. I had to admit to my therapist today that I was unraveling and that the meds I was on were no longer controlling the mood swings. 'ultradian cycling' would seem to be the proper term for it, found as Crystal was trying to dig up information on some of my current prescriptions. The folks that know me locally (or know me well enough to not need to be local) are aware of just how rapidly I'm slingshotting from one end of the spectrum to the other. It's made helping mom difficult, and work is a nightmare. Mom at least understands the depression and bipolar issues, but work needs a more balanced stance to be effective... and that's becoming progressively more difficult. The therapist is going to recommend to the medicating psych that the Abilify be bumped up from the current dosage level. I don't really care what gets done as long as it helps me stabilize again. On top of it all, my sleep has dwindled to one hour naps scattered through the day. The cobwebs never completely clear anymore. :(

All that's left to declare the move done is to get ComCast out to install the hardware for phone, cable and broadband. Given everything that's been going on it kinda got kicked to the back burner. I need to get that taken care of, though. At any rate, I'm going to go play some Galactic Civilizations, or nap or something. Probably will end up doing a lot of nothing.
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Toilet's in

Kitchen faucet lines blew.

Water's turned off.

Saturday we'll try this nonsense again.

Pissed, you ask? Moi? Beyond belief. But what's winning right now is 'tired'. Too tired to drop another profanity-rich diatribe for folks to skip quickly by.

Check, please!
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Just once, just ONCE, mind you, I'd like a job to go smoothly. I don't think I'm asking to damned much there, I'm not asking for 24/7 perfection. Just one fucking job.

*pounds head on the wall* SO, the toilet in the trailer was the original piece and was half plastic. Not good when dealing with the mass represented by the cabbit. So a replacement toilet is purchased for a staggering $300.00. Yes, that pained squeal you just heard was my not-yet-received state tax return wailing as it's gutted and thrown into the fire. But it's an ADA compliant unit with the industrial strength turboflush that I need. Chair height, they call it. Good for aging knees. Also located were the lines and valves for the job. We thought.

It gets loaded into the truck (Tommy and Kelly, with me looking on and feeling useless) and away we go back to the trailer. The two guys get the new unit into the living room, and Tommy heads back to remove the old unit.

The old flange bolts collapse into dust when he tries to pull the wingnuts. I hear the 'uh oh' and realize that once again we're going to be hauled through the gauntlet. The old tank comes off without further issue. And then the cursing starts. To give a bit of background, my brother-in-law was raised Catholic... it takes a fairly major thing going wrong before he starts dropping f-bombs like they're drops of water. At this point I put my head in my hands and start praying.

Some time in the distant past, the wax sealing ring at the base of the old toilet disintegrated. At about that same time someone decided to not fix it right, instead caulking around the base of the toilet to hide the fact that it was leaking. In order to fix it -right-, 90% of the bathroom needs to be yanked so the floor can be replaced. Yes, replaced. For the moment it can be patched, though, until the money comes back to let me replace the bathtub with a shower. At that point we'll replace the entire floor. So the patch gets put into place, the new wax ring gets put into place, the toilet gets bolted down... and discover that the water line is a non-standard size, and that none of the fittings we have will work.

And that, my darlings, is where the job stands. We've all retreated to our respective holes to lick our wounds. And tomorrow we'll try this shit again, and maybe it'll come together. Maybe. I'm going to go make myself something to eat and try not to rant any further.

Just once. Apparently it's too much to ask.
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Tonight we strike
There is thunder in the sky
Together we'll fight
And some of us will die
But they'll always remember
That we made a stand
And many will die
By my hand

There are some nights where the simple 'no guts, no glory' approach of Manowar fits frighteningly well. The walkthrough for the apartment was tonight... and it is now painfully clear that the Manager, Janet, no longer cares at all. She gave the apartment a cursory walk, shrugged and said "Looks good to me." And then she wandered back out. I hadn't realized how badly the deteriouration of the neighborhood had affected her. The long-term consequences of Jennifer's death (the original lesasing agent for the complex) are more severe than any of us could have foretold. I like Janet, and it's sad to see things come to this.

The gear that got put in Crystal's truck got offloaded to the trailer tonight, and about half of what was in the Explorer got unloaded as well. I need to clear some of the debris out of the way so that proper unpacking can commence. At least I'll have music to listen to; I get to reap the benefits of having uncased and set up both the computers and the entertainment center as we were setting furniture in place. There's a -lot- to do. And I'm so very tired.

And many will die
By my hand
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Okay. TMFH is damned near over. Crystal's methods and organization have officially decimated my doubts and fears. There's a half load of assorted debris stacked in the kitchen. There's still some plaster work that needs to be done, but the carpet cleaned up nicely. The trailer is cramped at the moment, with boxes stacked all over the place. Thanks to my mom, sister and niece the bulk of the kitchen has been unpacked and set up. I've got a mountain of laundry to do.

The electronics continue to be plagued with gremlins. Two tape decks, 2 vcrs, 2 dvd players, one dvd/vcr combo deck, and a tv... After several hours of testing, we finally discovered that it was the TV that had issues, not the rest of the gear. Frustration abounds. The computer gear is all set up, needing only the arrival of the ComCast folks... once I finally have the money to get them out to the trailer to hook things up.

I'm tired beyond belief. I'm going to go to bed now, and pray for actual sleep
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With the exception of a single chair (needed for me whilst packing), -all- of the furniture is now moved and in its proper place in the trailer. Dad lent his assistance (and clean truck) yesterday for two more runs. The kitchen is 75% packed, the bedroom damn near empty, and a sprawl of mismatched 'stuff' in the living room that'll end up getting tossed into boxes in hodgepodge fashion. All of the missing cabling and power adapters have now been located; my computer and the entertainment center can now be cabled up.

I'm exhausted, and other people are doing the bulk of the work. Crystal and Kelly have both gone above and beyond, and Kelly remains a sane 'do you -really- need that' voice that's resulted in quite a bit going to the dumpster. Tommy, while not present this weekend, busted his ass LAST weekend on the two trailered runs. He also provided a lovely DVD/VCR combo deck and an Optimus receiver to complete the multimedia gear in the entertainment center.

I have a not-so-big television and a VCR that're excess; if you're local and want them, sound off.
The Synoptics switch has already found a home. I've a pair of folks I want to ask first about finding a home for the 24 port BayStack 10/100 switch I have; if neither of them want it, it'll be up for grabs as well. Hopefully they'll both turn up tonight so I can ask. I hate to dumpster it, but it's WAY more than I need.

I'm a grab a nap, now.
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What's your inner spirit?
You feel free. Your loyal to your friends and family and you stick up for them whenever trouble comes about.
How do you compare?
Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic

I swiped it from [ profile] ginkage and got the same result. 's a pretty picture.

All the big stuff is moved. My crew is near dead as a result, and even I'm more crippled up than 'usual'. There's a lot of small stuff left in the apartment, most of my dolls, and one display cabinet that'll fit in the back of my Explorer once the truck is emptied. Most of the stereo gear is in place, just not hooked up. Same with the computer gear; for the first time since it was built Mansion is offline, powered down and unplugged. I went to try and start hooking things up and discovered that the box with the KVM and cables apparently hadn't made the journey to the trailer with the rest of us. Oops. The receiver for the stereo is still at Tommy's house. One of the dual deck tape players is in, the other is still in my truck. The backup receiver (in case the one Tommy has for me decides to be dead) is similarly inclined.

All of the major furniture is in place. Now -my- job hits, trying to unpack and organize what is essentially too effing much stuff for the dwelling to hold into some reasonable form. I was asked where to put one box and answered 'the attic'... and giggled like a loon when my niece looked around in puzzlement and then did the classic "...wait, what?" response. I've a good dozen loads of laundry to do on top of everything else.

I have no right to be sore, but I am.
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Moving sucks.

Doing so when you yourself is limited in what you can do sucks worse.

Having family and friends that don't give a damned about your relative lack of physical ability and come together to make it all happen -anyway- very much does NOT suck. It's pretty f'ing awesome. I feel guilty watching folks work, so I try to find the little things that I can do.

I just hope it's enough.
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The demo work in the master bedroom is done. One rough spot on the panelling that'll need a bit of attention, but otherwise things went stellar. The master bedroom door came down and replaced the door on the second bedroom; I'm intent on finding a tapestry piece to put over my bedroom door instead of the unwieldy door. Also fixed is the last of the locks; everything now has been re-keyed and I can quit worrying about the place getting raided by the previous owner's ex-boyfriend.

The kitchen sink is another matter entirely. In their infinite wisdom, Champion (the builder) didn't bother to put water valves under the kitchen sink... in order to change the faucet (necessary, the old one is broken) the main water has to be shut off. That'd mean unwrapping the already-insulated main out behind the trailer, then having to completely redo the insulation once the work was done. For the moment I've got the old spigot patched back together, and will limp it along until spring hits and we can unwrap everything.

I've begun shopping for a chunk of carpet to fit the bedroom. I've got a 9'x11' room with a cutout for the cubby that holds the water heater. It's looking like that'll run my between $70 and $100. The toilet that needs to be replaced will be another $250 or so. The bathtub? $450 minimum.

Still, the place is mine. The toilet will hold for a bit but is on the 'definitely replace' list along with the bathtub. But it's mine, and that's that.

And it's nap time now. *thud*
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Dunno if this will work; I may need to yank it out. But I tinkered a bit with the code on this to broaden it a bit, and it seems to work. We'll see, eh?

EDIT: Nope, it didn't work. It was supposed to be a lyrics widget for the song Legal Assassin, which can instead be found here!

For those who are still unaware, Repo! The Genetic Opera is now available for purchase. If you like musicals and aren't afraid of a bit of gore, I -highly- recommend it. The songs are addicting, Anthony Head's portrayal of Nathan is mesmerizing, and even Paris Hilton gives a good turn to Amber Sweet. 5 stars out of 5.

In other news, the lease for the lot that the trailer sits on is signed. It's officially mine now, and the demolition/repair work starts Saturday. Lots of little things, mostly, but they need to be done before my gear gets moved in. Suburban Propane has also been contacted, and a full list of furniture set in order of moving has been drawn up. I'll not bore folks with it, as it's mostly 'move the big shit first' kind of stuff.

[ profile] nightambre made some pretty art that she posted here! I think it's adorable and will eventually have a framed copy in my possession for hanging in the trailer. What? Anyone that -knows- me would know I'm an Earth sign. Silly people. I only wish that I looked that good...

Today was the appointment with Doctor Jones. Blood tests have been done; I should know first of next week just how out of kilter my thyroid is. She's personable, just a mite excitable and actually kinda cute in a doctor-y sort of way. Non-threatening. Maybe I won't be so utterly terrified when I see her again in a month. Crystal was there for moral support and as a backup memory; she can fill in spots where my mind has gaps, and I never would've made it to the appointment without her encouragement.

Omni House is still mucking about with my treatment plan. I'm -not- happy with them at the moment, for a half dozen reasons I'm -not- going to rant about here. My first task once I'm all moved may well be finding a new shrink...

I -think- that's everything, or everything I can think of, anyway. I'm going to stare mindlessly off into space for a bit and then go to bed. Maybe I'll sleep.
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Political Humor. )

In other news, the insurance for the trailer is taken care of. Piggy butts have been changed. Jones Green Apple has been cracked. It's good to be the Queen.
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The checklist of doom:
  • Sign the title/close the sale.
  • Apply for new title.
  • Get insurance. *(&*&*$&^&#@! The dimwit lady wrote the policy wrong. It has to be fixed tomorrow. :(
  • Contact BGE to take over power.
  • Sign lease with the mobile home park.
  • Contact Suburban Propane to set up account.
  • Contact Comcast to get cable/phone/broadband installed.
  • Decide whether doorway to the master bedroom needs to be widened (likely).
  • Decide whether closet and small built in bookcase in master bedroom are getting demolished.
  • Decide same for smaller bedroom.
  • Move bed, dresser, chest of drawers.
  • Move desks (2) and green table, relocate all computer hardware.
  • Pack books, move bookcases into small bedroom, unpack books. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • Move sofa, contents of entertainment center.
  • Move everything else. (Don't you just love catch-all categories?)

I'm ready to strangle the lady from the Geico office. She had paperwork in front of her, typed paperwork, mind you, and still managed to fsck up my address, phone number and required coverage. In other words, she wrote me the wrong kind of policy, so it's got to be fixed before I can sign the lease. That means ANOTHER trip to straighten things out; I'll go to the Severn office this time, since I know they're competent.

Crystal has dug out the old dehumidifier so that it can go over to the trailer; between the old style windows, the recent freeze over and the temperature differential the windows are near dripping with condensation. I've only seen this kind of accumulation in heavily air conditioned rooms, so it caught me off guard. Getting the older windows replaced will become a priority. As will be replacing the existing bathtub with a shower stall.

Okay, I'm off back to the trailer. Time to take some real measurements.
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It's mine.


Jan. 19th, 2009 04:59 pm
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So the furnace has been fixed; the pilot had pft'd because of a clogged venturi. It's now been serviced and returned to proper working order.

Most of the pipes have at this time thawed out without any bursts or leaks; the seller was on her way to the trailer to check on the last of it when I was on the phone with her about a half hour ago. She promised to call if -anything- looked fishy; if it's small it can get fixed BEFORE it causes any further issues.

Provided the pipes hold and nothing further goes wrong, I'll be meeting the seller for transfer of deed tomorrow night.

And then the long process of packing and moving will occur. Given that I have to give thirty days notice to Autumn Crest, it'll proceed at a more reasonable pace than my last two moves. I've found a recipient for the set of encyclopedias, so they won't be part of the book weight. I think my books outweigh most of my actual furniture... hopefully the folks I draft to help won't be too mad about them...


Jan. 17th, 2009 09:35 am
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The pilot light on the furnace at my would-be trailer went out last night. Everything froze solid. The earliest a furnace tech can be there is Monday afternoon, and until then we won't know if the pipes burst or not. I've told her I won't give her any money until the furnace is fixed, and then we'll see what damage there is. And once again, my paranoia proves to be something other than paranoia.


Jan. 16th, 2009 07:33 pm
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Tomorrow morning I meet with the seller to get the title to the trailer. I'm on edge and have been for days; the paranoia runs high when there's a lot at stake. I'm aware of it, though; it gives me a bit better control over it. That control is NOT perfect, and there've been some moments in this past week where I cracked. Badly. Once I've got the title and keys in my hands I'll feel a bit more secure.

The paneling in the living room and dining room is destined to be painted over to combat the "dear God it's a cave!" syndrome that plagues trailers from the 70's and early 80's. The windows all need to be dismantled, sealed and reassembled. Once the actual lease with the park is signed my gear can start getting moved in, and by then I'll have the utilities cut over into my name and have some heat and water (water goes with the lease, even though it's billed separately).

I can almost relax now.



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