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Molly Flanders Haithcock.

She turned 7 in September... tonight she crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Oliver Pigglesworth III (Ollie), Kweepie Mapwetter, Gustavus Adolphus Piggius (Gusbutt) and Queen Victoria of the Green Beans (Vickie). I'm still sobbing, but I know I've got to try and keep myself occupied. Mommas aren't supposed to have favorites, but she was mine. My queen, my hellion, my adorable little rascal. From tiny little ball of fluff to dignified matriarch, your life intersected with mine. Momma loves you so very much. Sleep well, little girl.

This is what went to the Guinea Pig Daily Digest:
My precious Molly crossed the Bridge tonight, taking a chunk of my soul with her. She turned seven just a couple months ago, and up until this afternoon still had the world by the tail. Feisty and headstrong, she ruled over all. Treats came on -her- schedule according to -her- preferences or she'd give me 'the butt'... turning herself away and hitching up her rear end at me. She was my queen bee and knew it.

She died in my arms tonight, from what the vet said looked like a heart attack. The vet noted that she was just a tiny tad underweight and quite old, and shook her head sadly. She's bundled up in her favorite towel... tomorrow morning I'll take her remains up to Heavenly Days in Urbana and see to my final duties. I feel cold inside, like someone's emptied me and left me all alone. Winkie, Pumpkin and Bennett are all out of sorts and upset, Winkie easily as upset as I am. Although they weren't cage mates (both were too old to be spayed/neutered by the time I had space big enough for them), they'd sat side by side for years, and he's angry/upset that 'his woman' is MIA. They used to sit for hours nose to nose through the bars, sometimes even passing treats back and forth. Molly never shared her blueberries, though anything else was workable.

I'm babbling. I'm sorry. I miss my baby girl so badly. I'm going to go curl up and cry now.

~Ellie, Winkerton, Bennett and Pumpkin
~Remembering Olli, Kweepie, Gus, Vickie and Molly.
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I has a Mac again! A lovely Sawtooth G4/350 donated to me by a dear friend. It's currently sitting with OS X 10.4.11 Server on it, and humming away merrily beside me. Once Delicious Library is installed and functional, I can finally start properly organizing my book collection. Well, /IF/ I can get the digital camera to work as a barcode scanner, which seems to be doable from what I've seen. My one big beef with OS X is the HUGE amount of install time. I realize there's a lot of data, but there should be some sort of overall status bar instead of a random number of minutes remaining. OS X is better than that; they shouldn't have to resort to 'Microsoft Time' on the installer. There're a couple of bugs yet to hammer out; it doesn't recognize my keyboard properly, so the 'insert' cluster between the number pad and the rest of the keys don't work. A glitch that's easily ironed out, that much I remember... I just don't remember quite HOW. My own damned fault for not keeping my notes somewhere findable.

And as an aside... at least one person out there seems to think I'm a Mac hater. She's wrong. She took a friendly joke way too damned serious, and that's that. Hopefully she'll come back, as she's a pretty nifty person when she's not loathing me.

Molly is still sick. She's eating a little, but is still not herself. She utterly hates the medicine (it smells vile, so I don't blame her) and has taken to sulking in the corner of her cage. I've made a special trip to the store to buy a small container of blueberries (her absolute favorite treat) to try and comfort her after the med. I'm worried about sick over her; the Mac stuff has all gotten done as I fidget back and forth between my desk and her cage. She's getting Baytril twice a day to treat the UTI, and I'm fidgeting. :(

I'm going to sign off now. Molly's drinking at the moment, which is good. If her tummy stops processing I'll lose her; she doesn't have the mass or strength to survive another bout of GI Stasis. I suspect I'm as unhappy about things as she is, poor fuzzle. :(
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May I present Bennett and Pumpkin (and Crystal's feet): LINKIE

My Quartet

Sep. 13th, 2009 08:48 am
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Behind the cut, my quartet: The Quartet of Wheeking )

That's all I've got. I figured folks could use a bit of cute to help with the angst and pain of the day to day grind.
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So, Palace is built. She is as follows:The prices were considerably different; every piece was on sale when it was purchased. Why Windows? Why not Linux? Well, I want to be able to play Champions Online and was unable to find anyone who had a clue about making it work under WINE. I also wanted it to be able to utilize the full 8gb of RAM that the mainboard will handle, even though there's only 2gb in it at present. Palace replaces Cathedral, which was the stolen Windows 7 machine. Spec for spec she's just a tiny bit better than her predecessor, tuned to what I needed for the game. Everything in her is Win7 compliant (including the SB Live! I had to add to , so she can be upgraded when necessary. And if she gets cut over to being a Fedora or Ubuntu box then so be it; the OS will bend to whatever my needs are. I've got both 32bit Windows and Linux at the trailer at my fingertips, so Palace will morph to whatever the needs of whatever I'm doing is.

I may be adopting a pair of guinea pigs, or at least referring them to a no-kill shelter with an arrangement with one of the local piggy rescues. I'll be postponing my (essentially useless) therapy visit tomorrow; too many things are stacking on tomorrow and I need to be sure I can get all the important things done. Hopefully another day or so will knock down the back pain I've been dealing with for nearly a week. I've got meds set out already for me, with an extra nudge of motrin to try and break the pain cycle. Wish me luck, eh?

As for anything else, it's probably best not to ask. My mood has been rather erratic the last week or so, mostly attributable to soaring pain levels. It's difficult to function as 'happy' when you can't stop the tears. And that's all there'll be of that.

And that's all there'll be of this post. Good night.
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Molly is currently at Eastern Exotics, being cared for. The -minimum- damage is going to be over the $500 mark. The good news is that she's treatable, suffering from GI Stasis (the article mainly concerns itself with bunnies, but is applicable). I've spent the last two nights with Molly sleeping fitfully on my chest... knowing that she's under specialists care may just let me get some sleep tonight. Winkerton is wondering where she's at, though. Even though they're housed separately, he still thinks of her as '[his] woman'. Goofy little hairball.

At any rate, it's time to feed cats and find out if I need to go back to Redneckia for another round of Home Improvement...
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I've just gotten back from the vet. They can't find any reason why Molly hasn't eaten in a day and a half. Syringe feeding is what they recommended, sending home a pouch of Oxbow Critical Care for me to mix for her... which she absolutely loathes. Without someone to physically lock her down and hold her head still, syringe feeding is a bust. And when the vet comments on her having gone past 'middle age' and telling me what a good life she must have had I start going to pieces, even if she's trying to console me.

She's acting like Vickie did the night I lost her.


Apr. 4th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Tuesday night one of my babies decided to give me a scare. I did full-bedding changes on both Molly and Winkerton's cages Monday night. I got in from work Tuesday to discover that there were -no- poos in Winkerton's cage, nor wet spots from urination. The water bottle was untouched, the food was untouched, even his beloved carrots had been left sitting. Given that he's my omnomnomnom piggy, that's a pretty serious issue. Off to the emergency vet we go.

Hours later, a fecal mass almost half a golf ball in size had been removed from his poor little behind. The food he'd inhaled wasn't digesting properly and he got all blocked up. Constipation is painful in a human, but it can be quickly lethal to a cavy. I know first hand; it's how I lost Kweepie and there was no way in hell I was letting that happen again. It was worth every penny of the two Benjamins it cost, since Winkie is doing MUCH better and is much happier on his new diet.

In other news, the ComCast tech is slated to work on the trailer Monday morning, which will lock down the last of the 'moving in' issues. All that'll be left is the complete rework of the bathroom, and that'll wait until the summer sometime.

I'm tired. I'm going to go play Civ 4 until I pass out.

EDIT: Oh. IF I should happen to get offed, I wanna be buried in this casket. Just sayin. :)
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Political Humor. )

In other news, the insurance for the trailer is taken care of. Piggy butts have been changed. Jones Green Apple has been cracked. It's good to be the Queen.

Piggie Fu

May. 21st, 2005 02:04 pm
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So today was Molly's trip to the vet, for much the same reasons as Gus. She's always been the quiet, timid, easily spooked one that likes nothing better to hide with only her little black eyeballs peeking out at the world. Gus had been a real hit, and apparently he managed to brag to Molly about it, because she decided that she simply -had- to outperform him.

You will believe that piggies can fly... )


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