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All of the morning running about has been accomplished. I picked up another 21 books at the sale; having managed to forget my list I came out a bit lighter than intended. They've now been scanned in and properly sorted, and they'll get shelved later today.

The meats platter for Lauren's party is safely ensconced in my fridge, along with the 90% ready veggie tray. The tomatoes are set out where they won't be forgotten, as they're the last piece to go on the tray. I was worried that they'd get loose and roll all over the truck while in transit, so they were left in the plastic container. Two sacks of mini Kaiser rolls were picked up from the wholesale club to go with the meats platter.

The cake was delivered to my sister's place this morning around 0930. I know this because it was around then that Leah called and begged me to stop somewhere and get a candle for it. I guess if that's the worst of the last minute OMG!s we're doing just fine. The only other thing missing is mustard (bleah, sorry, I'm allergic to it), and Tommy'll pick that up on the way home from work; he got called in in the wee hours of the morning for an emergency repair.

SOMEWHERE in this tin box I call a home are my heavy crystal vases, and it annoys me highly that I can't find ANY of them. I picked up a dozen mixed roses for Lauren while I was out, and have had to settle for putting them in a water pitcher in lieu of an actual vase. The one I was looking for has a flared and weighted base on it, and is very useful for top-heavy arrangements. Silly thing weighs four or five pounds, but it's amazingly stable. I'll find it. It's here somewhere.

*exhale* Okay, time to bring my checkbook current. I'll be around for a bit if anyone wants to chatter. *hugs/curtsies as appropriate*
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Today's going to be a busy one. Book sale, run to the BJs in Columbia, niece's 16th birthday bash (the meat tray is what the BJs run is about) and probably another tub of comics to index; once I know what I have I'll start checking with local shops to see if any of them are sell-able.

Once I get back from BJs I need to clean out/up the truck so Crystal and Kelly have room to pile in. The veggie and meat trays will go all the way in the back where they'll be less likely to slide around and dump. Here's to hoping things go off without a hitch.

My step-grandmother, the last of my grandparents, spent most of this past week in the hospital. There's a mass in one of her lungs, but between her age, health and the arrhythmia issues the doctors are afraid to do a biopsy. Dad and Evelyn (step-mom, awesome lady) won't make it to today's party, as they're afraid to leave Anna all alone. Something tells me we won't have her much longer; this is almost identical to the circumstances surrounding my paternal grandfather's death. I'll be swinging over Monday after work to say hello, and possibly goodbye. Anna, while rough in personality, is an awesome person... her passing, when it comes, will be mourned deeply.

I -think- that's everything. I'm just waiting for the book sale madness to begin, now.



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