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So much going on right now. I... will try to make a real post when I've sorted some of it out.

Hopefully 'sorting it out' won't require throttling my sister and her husband. Hopefully.
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I am a not-happy camper. A VERY not-happy camper. Thursday night at work I went up on tip-toes to try and reach something and there was a *POP* in the heel of my right foot... followed by excruciating pain. I hobbled back to the office and stayed there until it was time to go home, then made my way out to my truck. Blessedly, my cane has been riding 'round in the back for nearly a year and was relatively easy to dig out. And I've been wobbling about that ever since.

Given the rather pressing need to be on my feet for work, a doctor's appointment was booked, and happened yesterday. And the result of that appointment? At least it's not a bone spur. I hope. At the moment it's being treated as plantar fasciitis -and- bursitis of the Achilles tendon, both of which are aggravated by my weight. *sigh* Stay off it, she says. Stretching exercises, yeah I was already doing remarkably similar ones just to keep some flex in the foot. Arch supports, ordered.

Stay off it. How the bloody hell am I supposed to stay off it and still go to work? Dammit, I've got a convention coming up, and NOW this shit decides to erupt?
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So, Palace is built. She is as follows:The prices were considerably different; every piece was on sale when it was purchased. Why Windows? Why not Linux? Well, I want to be able to play Champions Online and was unable to find anyone who had a clue about making it work under WINE. I also wanted it to be able to utilize the full 8gb of RAM that the mainboard will handle, even though there's only 2gb in it at present. Palace replaces Cathedral, which was the stolen Windows 7 machine. Spec for spec she's just a tiny bit better than her predecessor, tuned to what I needed for the game. Everything in her is Win7 compliant (including the SB Live! I had to add to , so she can be upgraded when necessary. And if she gets cut over to being a Fedora or Ubuntu box then so be it; the OS will bend to whatever my needs are. I've got both 32bit Windows and Linux at the trailer at my fingertips, so Palace will morph to whatever the needs of whatever I'm doing is.

I may be adopting a pair of guinea pigs, or at least referring them to a no-kill shelter with an arrangement with one of the local piggy rescues. I'll be postponing my (essentially useless) therapy visit tomorrow; too many things are stacking on tomorrow and I need to be sure I can get all the important things done. Hopefully another day or so will knock down the back pain I've been dealing with for nearly a week. I've got meds set out already for me, with an extra nudge of motrin to try and break the pain cycle. Wish me luck, eh?

As for anything else, it's probably best not to ask. My mood has been rather erratic the last week or so, mostly attributable to soaring pain levels. It's difficult to function as 'happy' when you can't stop the tears. And that's all there'll be of that.

And that's all there'll be of this post. Good night.


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