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Quizzie thing that I swiped from [ profile] valarltd... it seems to be a come on for buying their book, but it looked interesting:
I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Reinventing Spiritual Builder

I have NO idea what that means. Interesting, though, that 0% of the 37296 people who've taken the quiz are like me. I always knew I was 'different'. :)

It's looking like the deal to buy the trailer has fallen through; quite a few tears have been shed on the topic. With an abundance of 'pros' and only one real 'con' it would've been a much needed blessing. I would actually have been able to afford to eat properly. It would've put me very close to mom and -much- closer to Crystal & Kelly and Leah & Tommy. *sigh* I've still got fingers crossed that the people who beat me to it have to pull out for some reason.

And now I go try and grab a nap before immersing myself in RO again. I got my little mage to J50 and now can't pass the damned test to become a wizard. :/ All I can really do is keep trying.
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Quizzes ganked from dansr )

My plans for a nap this afternoon have been crushed; the contractors working on the apartment upstairs needed into MY bathroom to cut out the ceiling and rebrace things for upstairs. So here I sit with a pair of apparently nice workmen banging around in my bathroom while I try not to be grumpy. Given the apparently monstrous kharmic debt I'm paying off, I must've been a lawyer for the RIAA in a prior life...


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