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Dunno if this will work; I may need to yank it out. But I tinkered a bit with the code on this to broaden it a bit, and it seems to work. We'll see, eh?

EDIT: Nope, it didn't work. It was supposed to be a lyrics widget for the song Legal Assassin, which can instead be found here!

For those who are still unaware, Repo! The Genetic Opera is now available for purchase. If you like musicals and aren't afraid of a bit of gore, I -highly- recommend it. The songs are addicting, Anthony Head's portrayal of Nathan is mesmerizing, and even Paris Hilton gives a good turn to Amber Sweet. 5 stars out of 5.

In other news, the lease for the lot that the trailer sits on is signed. It's officially mine now, and the demolition/repair work starts Saturday. Lots of little things, mostly, but they need to be done before my gear gets moved in. Suburban Propane has also been contacted, and a full list of furniture set in order of moving has been drawn up. I'll not bore folks with it, as it's mostly 'move the big shit first' kind of stuff.

[ profile] nightambre made some pretty art that she posted here! I think it's adorable and will eventually have a framed copy in my possession for hanging in the trailer. What? Anyone that -knows- me would know I'm an Earth sign. Silly people. I only wish that I looked that good...

Today was the appointment with Doctor Jones. Blood tests have been done; I should know first of next week just how out of kilter my thyroid is. She's personable, just a mite excitable and actually kinda cute in a doctor-y sort of way. Non-threatening. Maybe I won't be so utterly terrified when I see her again in a month. Crystal was there for moral support and as a backup memory; she can fill in spots where my mind has gaps, and I never would've made it to the appointment without her encouragement.

Omni House is still mucking about with my treatment plan. I'm -not- happy with them at the moment, for a half dozen reasons I'm -not- going to rant about here. My first task once I'm all moved may well be finding a new shrink...

I -think- that's everything, or everything I can think of, anyway. I'm going to stare mindlessly off into space for a bit and then go to bed. Maybe I'll sleep.


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