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Because a couple folks either were scratching their heads and/or inquiring about DF...

DF is a time sinkhole of epic proportions. You've been warned.

Taken from the wiki:
Dwarf Fortress is an ASCII game which includes both a roguelike adventure mode, and the more popular Dwarf Fortress Mode, which focuses on the creation and survival of a small dwarven settlement. It has a very steep learning curve, partly due to its ASCII graphics, but also due to the fact that it is one of the most complex games ever released. Dwarf Fortress is completely free.

That said... I play DF using a graphical addon pack. The version I use is The Mike Mayday Graphics Edition, which already has all the graphics set up and is ready to go. The ASCII version is usable if you're really feeling masochistic, but it's more than I care to handle and can be gotten at the source of all things dwarfish. I -can- do it, I just choose not to.

The wiki itself is a fount of information. New players will find the Your First Fortress link very valuable. I regularly use it as a reference as I'm playing, which is why I rarely use the offered full screen mode.

And with that, I'm off to take a nap. Try DF at your own peril; it's the resource management game from hell (and I'm passionately in love with it). Strike the earth!

EDIT: I really need to make a DFish icon. Oh well.
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My assistant (now former, as I retake full control) was apparently an animal rights wingnut; cows, horses, dogs and bats run rampant through the complex, hindering even the smallest of jobs. It took forever to accomplish, but there're finally cages mounted and available. They've all been set up adjacent to the kennels in hopes of training some of the hounds we're awash in, and maybe we'll see some capable war dogs. I've tapped several capable dwarves to round up the bulk of the livestock so we can at least figure out what we have.

The butcher will be busy, of that you can be certain.

Everyone at least has basic quarters. Given the higgly-piggly ordering of the animals I was fearing some sort of tent city in a dirt cavern. While some of the walls -are- dirt, things are orderly and tidy at least. There's abundant mountain to carve better homes for the dirtsiders; once the livestock is out of the dining hall we can get things organized. A rough-hewn passage has been carved on the next level down, and I think that'll be a good place to start.

And imagine my surprise on discovering that some of the 'nobles' actually have skills and aren't afraid to get their precious hands dirty. I found the Dungeon Master in one of the forges, extracting precious platinum from raw ore. I pitched in alongside him for a bit, discussing what his take on things was. He proved to be a wealth of information, though his assessment of the other smelter workers may be just a bit biased.

Of concern seems to be the growing strife between Kubuklisat (Lancenotch) and our Elven neighbors of Oyifomawada (The Feral Beans, I'm told). A caravan apparently fell prey to highwaymen, and the blame was laid at our doorstep. They've made some baseless threats about 'retaliation', which would be preferable to this accursed 'negotiating' I'm bogged down in. Hammers, swords, axes, these are tools worthy of stout dwarves, not this limp-wristed arguing we're engaged in. We'll see what their attitude is come spring. In the meantime, our dwarves continue their martial training.

And I must end this missive. The mines are calling, and there is stone to be worked. Strike the earth!
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  • I just shut Archive (my G4, come to me via a friend in Pennsylvania) down. Tomorrow morning it'll go out to the truck with me, so that I'll have it after work when I get to Crystal and Kelly's place. With both a license for Delicious Library (v1.x, since v2.x won't run on anything less than OS X 10.5.x) and a barcode scanner acquired through a friend, I'm set to do some scanning of Crystal's book collection. She gets dibs, since she's the one that came up with the scanner, you see. :)
  • I'm walking wounded again, having fallen down my front steps last night whilst putting out the rubbish. Both knees are bashed up and I'm as stiff as an oak 2x4. Driving is 'exciting', because of having to fold myself into the Explorer. Which leads into the next point...
  • The truck's not running worth a damn at the moment. What initially looked like a sparkplug gone prematurely dead is now looking like it's the coil itself that's burning out. She stumbles and coughs on the highway, and it's a terribly insecure feeling wondering if the next sputter will be the one that puts her dead on the shoulder. Given my general health PLUS the bashed up knees, I've left the good thermal blanket in the truck just in case she dies and I have to phone for help. It's not a situation I'm really comfortable with, as my gentle readers can no doubt imagine.
  • I'm stuck working a shift tomorrow morning. Saturdays are about my least favorite shifts, and this one's going to be particularly trying. There's nothing really for me to -do- besides sit and wait for the end of my shift; I got all the filing and such taken care of yesterday and today. Maybe I'll just give up and fire up DF and say to hell with the whole mess. I dunno. Maybe something will appear that needs work. *sigh* Did I mention how much I loathe working Saturdays?
I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll get a nap or two.
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DF Fu. If you don't play, this probably won't interest you... )


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