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2 bright points today:
  • A letter from a dear kitty in Colorado *snugs*
  • A letter from the mobile home park, stating that I'd passed the background and credit checks.

1 rather major not-so-bright point:
I'm near to collapsing with stress. Whyfor, you ask, since everything seems to be going right? Yeah, well that's the problem, you see... the Paranoid side of the Force is strong in me. Stronger than me. I made it through today with some help from someone I trust implicity, tomorrow will likely be the same. It still leaves me vibrating like a plucked cello string. It worries and annoys my Lady and I -know- it, but I don't seem to be able to quell it. To my knowledge even the dealings with the divorce didn't do this to me.

Paranoia aside, things seem to be going well. I'll make a loop down to my mom's tomorrow to clear up the issues with the bonds that're being cashed out, then coordinate totals with the other contributor(s) to the 'buy a trailer for the cabbit' cause (many of them don't realize that even simple support is of vast importance, much less monetary support) to get to the magic number. I'm hoping to close the deal with Jen Saturday morning for the trailer, lock down insurance for it by Wednesday of next week, and get started on the interior work the weekend following.

And then the moving starts. Have I mentioned that I loathe moving?

*sigh* On the plus side, it gives me one more sift through what goes and what gets dumpstered, and it'll slim things down further. There's a lot of 'stuff' that is in the nebulous 'what the fark do I do with it' region that'll slow that down, but it'll get done. I intend to be out of this apartment and out of the lease come March 1. Leave it to me to have to move at the coldest time of the year. :(

WOOHOO! I found a home for the damned encyclopedias that Megan stuck me with. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~

Okay, enough moaning and complaining. I'm gonna go kill leafcats with a tainy heeflet.
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My mageling is now a wizard, thanks to the intervention of a tainy heeflet. Kami managed, apparently in one shot, to ace the test I'd flunked over 40 times.

Thank you, Kami. I was in dire need of something happy, and you handed it to me without hesitation. *hugs*
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Quizzie thing that I swiped from [ profile] valarltd... it seems to be a come on for buying their book, but it looked interesting:
I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Reinventing Spiritual Builder

I have NO idea what that means. Interesting, though, that 0% of the 37296 people who've taken the quiz are like me. I always knew I was 'different'. :)

It's looking like the deal to buy the trailer has fallen through; quite a few tears have been shed on the topic. With an abundance of 'pros' and only one real 'con' it would've been a much needed blessing. I would actually have been able to afford to eat properly. It would've put me very close to mom and -much- closer to Crystal & Kelly and Leah & Tommy. *sigh* I've still got fingers crossed that the people who beat me to it have to pull out for some reason.

And now I go try and grab a nap before immersing myself in RO again. I got my little mage to J50 and now can't pass the damned test to become a wizard. :/ All I can really do is keep trying.
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I'm intending to sit here and play video games for a bit, then go to bed. It's what I did last year, as well. *shrug* Maybe I'll sleep. Anyway, I thought the poem was right cute, so I reposted it. It showed up in my email box courtesy of my sister; kudos are for me, blame's for her. :p
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Rowan's old laptop (Dell Inspiron 5150) showed up in the post today (Thank you thank you thank you thank you *SMOOCH*). It's currently parked atop a china cabinet at Crystal & Kelly's place, away from the cats. The hard drive for it is at my elbow, the first of three surviving pieces of the G3 Lombard I'd tried to refurb for my niece... and the hard drive I'll pull out of it will get completely nuked and then put into the Dell Lattitude 7500 (P-II/400) that I'm refurbing for my nephew, which is getting the two bars of 256 SODIMMs that are the remaining two pieces from the Lombard.

Side note: I need to get the older (than the Lombard) Mac lappy from my brother in law. It occurs to me that it may simply be the processor card that's FUBAR, and perhaps I can make the silly thing go yet. With the 6gb drive that'll come out of the 7500, it might be a serviceable unit for Alyson (oldest munchkin of my baby sister). I've nothing for Makayla, though, to it'd have to be a something-other-than Christmas gift. Anyway.

Both the 5150 and the and the 7500 will be getting Windows XP Professional, at least in the beginning. I'm wondering if I'll be able to interest Lauren in one of the flavors of Linux; she's not a heavy gamer (like I am) instead preferring to do photo edits and use a chat client (she loved AdiumX on the Lombard). We'll see.

Now, to more serious matters. I have been poked (rather strongly in one case) for my 'state of the Ellie' post a few days back. I spent a handful of days trying to figure out what I'd done wrong, and finally turned to someone I could trust totally and -asked-. A long conversation ensued, and finally they managed to punch a hole through my addled logic and explain it bluntly. Apparently what I laid out isn't 'survivable' on its own, leaving people wondering if I was going to punch my own clock to be done with it all.

No. I won't go out that way. There ARE some good things, and those are what keep me going:
  • I'm an avid gamer. Both Ragnarok Online and Dwarf Fortress get installed wherever I'm going to spend more than a couple hours at (well, except for work). I pour a lot of my time and energy into RO, constantly fiddling with builds and stats to find a mix that works effectively without betraying the 'personality' I've projected into each character. Yeah, I'm nuts. Sue me and get over it already.
  • My close family has been nothing short of wonderful this year, at least in the 'supportive' department. I number several among them that are not strictly blood relatives; some of them are far closer to me than most of my extended family. Crystal and Kelly factor in here, as does Rowan and a handful of others both on and off LiveJournal. After years of operating without one, I finally have a safety net.
  • I have two darling, pampered and utterly spoiled guinea pigs that continue to be a source of delight and amusement. Winkerton is an american short hair, and Mollie is a silkie. Mollie's appeared in my journal before, being the escape artist during a vet visit. When I get a chance I'll link this to that post. FOUND IT!
  • I have a job that I like, reasonably so anyway. It has its ups and downs, but overall I like the folks I work with. While I'm not looking forward to the large project ahead of me, it'll at least give me incentive to learn new things. That's a positive, right? :)
  • White chocolate peppermint bark. M-O-O-N that spells peppermint bark, laws yes.
  • A -ton- of new music dropped in my lap through the course of the year. A full catalogue of Waylon Jennings, some My Chemical Romance, more Nightwish, a truckload of Alice Cooper, Alyson Kraus, Neko Case... hell even some King Diamond found its' way to me. Woot!

I'll babble extensively about my RO characters later... my main is a mage named Corinna. Come say 'hi' on the Valkyrie server!

Anyway, it's omnomnom time.
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Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Not surprised am I.

Mom's water pipes blew again last night. The old piping collapsed inside the compression coupling and the fitting blew right off the end. A different kind of coupling, one with an inside sleeve to prevent the old piping from collapsing again, has been installed in its place. Once Tommy was on his way home, I sat down for a quiet chat with mom: she's still holding a couple of bonds in my name; if things blow again this winter, we'll be cashing one and bringing in a plumber. Tommy and I are both so hobbled up with arthritis that it's simply too cold for us to be working outside right now. If it'll just hold until Summer when it's warm enough to work, we can get under the trailer and rip out ALL of the old piping.

I thought mom was going to die laughing when I threatened to sacrifice a chicken over it all. Tragically, I'm only half joking.

I'm going to play some RO until it's time to go get Mom. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
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Rotors, chemicals and caffiene have been acquired. Now it's a simple matter of waiting... and hoping that the parts are right this time.

I'll be on Valkyrie if anyone needs me, likely with Clarissa.


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