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Stolen from [ profile] dansr, because it was just too much to resist:
Your evilYou like to laugh – in a loud and very nasty way. When your friends hear you they cringe and take to their heels. That’s no bad thing as your methods are very strange. Instead of conventional methods you prefer to use mystical rites and rituals. It is also said that you are immortal. That makes you laugh too - because you know it’s true!
*snickering laughter* A bit closer to truth than the normal quizzie. I think I'll keep this one and file it with Satan's Skullfscker, another that those close and dear thought very appropriate.

The big 'project' at work has me worried; the process that they're trying to automate is so convoluted it makes my head spin. It's also going to mean a messy crash course in Access programing and ODBC use. Years ago I tinkered with automated invoicing via dBase III, but back then I had all of my mind in some semblance of 'togetherness' instead of the shattered jigsaw puzzle it is now. I have some ideas that're tumbling for it, but it'll be a bit before something even marginally coherent comes from it.

I'm still running in a muddied, sleep deprived state. I seem to stay here the majority of the time with brief moments of acute clarity proving that under the haze my mind still works. If I ever claw my way back to a fully assimilated state, there might be some actual content here beyond these short stream-of-consciousness blurbs. If you'll pardon the expression, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I'm also still trying to locate the old core drive to Hutch... there're document files on that drive that aren't replaceable, and I've been ransacking my parts piles to locate the damned thing. I know it's still here somewhere, I just have to find it...


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