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Apr. 8th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Flovent HFA inhaler and Serevent Diskus have been added to my list of meds. I've had a warning from my sister about it possibly aggravating my already present vertigo issues. This'll be entertaining. Not.

Mom is intact. Leah did the long-overdue *Mart run and picked up most of what was on the 'needed for spring' list.

Dad is out of commo range; he had a gig to play tonight, and nothing short of actual death stops that man when he's supposed to play. Not even the birth of his firstborn was enough to pull him away. No, I'm not bitter. ... I seem to be saying that a lot here lately.

Evelyn won't have results until Friday. I've got various appendages crossed in hopes of it being something simple to fix.

Leah's sick, having discovered it while out doing mom's shopping. Poor kid is miserable. I did what I could to help while I was over there this afternoon.

Progress was made on the Vista-installed machine for Leah's family. In the process I've discovered that Pidgin doesn't particularly like Vista. There are some nice features in Vista, but I still have yet to see anything OMGMUSTHAVE! in it. I will say that the install process is damned tedius... it's all well and good to try and make an OS that was pretty like OS X, but dear God did they have to include the 'takes for f'inever' install time too?!

I'm tired. Too tired to cook. I ordered lasagna from Pizza Hut.

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After an afternoon of panic, ultrasound shows no signs of deep vein thrombosis in her legs. I even know what that means now. And I haven't hyperventilated yet.

After an afternoon of panic, dad's chest pains are apparently caused by an inflamed bile duct or some such. The man's got nine stents in his chest, all of them garnered in the last eight months.

I have no answer as to Evelyn's (stepmom) CAT scan. The doctors fear there's a growth in her sinus cavity causing the pressure and pain that the antibiotics haven't touched.

Tomorrow I'll pick up the inhalers that the doc has put me on. When Target's computer system finally came back online and they could get hold of the 'script Dr Jones had sent over, they only had one of the two. Sometime after five tomorrow.

I'm tired. Maybe I'll sleep.
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Well, it's been a wee bit since my last post, so this'll be a 'state of the cabbit' type of post.

Mom came home from Holy Cross Hospital Sunday night. She had a follow-up appointment today, and is genuinely in much better shape than when she was admitted.The antibiotics and cough med have helped tremendously, and she's getting her blood pressure and blood sugar numbers down to where they belong again. Her voice is shot, but that's from a combination of coughing fits and the oxygen feed she was on at the hospital. All things considered, she's on the mend and doing decently well.

I'm not. I had to admit to my therapist today that I was unraveling and that the meds I was on were no longer controlling the mood swings. 'ultradian cycling' would seem to be the proper term for it, found as Crystal was trying to dig up information on some of my current prescriptions. The folks that know me locally (or know me well enough to not need to be local) are aware of just how rapidly I'm slingshotting from one end of the spectrum to the other. It's made helping mom difficult, and work is a nightmare. Mom at least understands the depression and bipolar issues, but work needs a more balanced stance to be effective... and that's becoming progressively more difficult. The therapist is going to recommend to the medicating psych that the Abilify be bumped up from the current dosage level. I don't really care what gets done as long as it helps me stabilize again. On top of it all, my sleep has dwindled to one hour naps scattered through the day. The cobwebs never completely clear anymore. :(

All that's left to declare the move done is to get ComCast out to install the hardware for phone, cable and broadband. Given everything that's been going on it kinda got kicked to the back burner. I need to get that taken care of, though. At any rate, I'm going to go play some Galactic Civilizations, or nap or something. Probably will end up doing a lot of nothing.
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Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Not surprised am I.

Mom's water pipes blew again last night. The old piping collapsed inside the compression coupling and the fitting blew right off the end. A different kind of coupling, one with an inside sleeve to prevent the old piping from collapsing again, has been installed in its place. Once Tommy was on his way home, I sat down for a quiet chat with mom: she's still holding a couple of bonds in my name; if things blow again this winter, we'll be cashing one and bringing in a plumber. Tommy and I are both so hobbled up with arthritis that it's simply too cold for us to be working outside right now. If it'll just hold until Summer when it's warm enough to work, we can get under the trailer and rip out ALL of the old piping.

I thought mom was going to die laughing when I threatened to sacrifice a chicken over it all. Tragically, I'm only half joking.

I'm going to play some RO until it's time to go get Mom. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
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Still hiding.
I take Mom in for a doppler scan on her foot tomorrow, with the expectation (not just mine) that they'll immediately hospitalize her to begin treating a nasty blood clot.
I'm nervous and a little scared...


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