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Revised OEM Standard.

Turns out that the 'revised' version moves the bleeder nipple to the very top of the caliper, instead of pointed to the back like EVERY other caliper I've ever seen. Instead of aimed back like the GOD FORSAKEN MANUAL shows. Aimed straight up into the wheel well like a damned fountain, or will be.

Y'see, we made the mistake of installing the 'revised' calipers in the same orientation the old ones were mounted in, the way the manual depicts them. Which turns out to be WRONG for the 2000 and a half Explorer. So of COURSE we couldn't get the damned things to bleed properly.

But this leaves us with a problem, don't you know... The caliper that's currently on the right side belongs on the left side. The caliper that's currently on the left side is the original left side caliper. The replacement caliper for the right side, to replace the old FROZEN one, is the one that's got the defective piston seal. So we've got no bloody caliper for the right side. :(

So off I go now to try and find a caliper locally, because there's no time to order another. I -have- to have my truck back ASAP or I'm going to go completely insane. This is f'ing ridiculous.


Nov. 13th, 2008 10:22 am
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The truck sits in Crystal and Kelly's driveway. The repairs were unsuccessful and were followed by near-total brake failure. I nursed it 'home' (I spend so much time at their house that it feels like home now) and got fussed at by 'mom' and 'dad' for driving it at all.

Yeah, they were right. I'm an idiot sometimes. Four or five pumps of the brake pedal gets something akin to actual pressure in the lines... and it's not the first vehicle I've driven with a failed brake system (yeah, I was a fscking idiot then, too). I've ended up at work five and a half hours early because of needing to catch a lift in with Crystal, and she'll be stuck here two hours late waiting for me to finish my shift. And tomorrow we get to do the same thing. Joy. Rapture. She'll have to come in early tomorrow in order to get me here in time for my shift, which just adds to the general suckage.

We've got the failure 'narrowed down' to either the brake hoses in the wells, the master cylinder or the ABS system... and that's in order of least expensive to absolutely horrifying. I'm praying it's the hose on the left side, but we didn't have enough light to actually check them last night; at 2200 on a rainy night there's just not enough light.

I'm so very tired.
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Rotors, chemicals and caffiene have been acquired. Now it's a simple matter of waiting... and hoping that the parts are right this time.

I'll be on Valkyrie if anyone needs me, likely with Clarissa.


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