Apr. 1st, 2011 05:26 pm
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Well, the Mini showed up today, the heralded replacement for the aging and failing G4/400 that is Archive. Plugged it in, fired it up, oohed and ahhed a bit at 10.6 and then settled in to digging about and figuring out what got moved to where.

Ah, yes, Migration Assistant. The tool that's supposed to ease my tormented soul and make painless the transition to the newer, brighter, far faster and much cuter replacement. Yes indeedy it's rumored to be a handy bugger.

Except it crashed midway through. :(

So I've been back upstairs and set it up to try again. The two machines share a switch upstairs, so it doesn't trouble the rest of the network here while it's thrashing the drives, but the 3+hour ETA doesn't exactly warm my black little heart, you know? I omitted the one user that I -know- is corrupted in hopes that it was the cause of the crash; while I've been beachballed many a time, it's not often that a program or service outright crashes and burns. Yes, crashes happen, but it's not a common experience.

If the more limited scope doesn't help, I'll be down to doing the process for each specific user in an attempt to fully isolate the problem. I've already discovered a couple of spots where I'll have to reinstall software or manually set access privileges. *exhale* The joys of upgrading.

Once it's all done... well, I'll then (in theory) be upgrading to Delicious Library 2, which was the point of the entire process. It requires a minimum of OS X 10.5, and the G4/400 was at the end of the line with 10.4.11... stuck running DL1, the original and less capable version. Dog slow and plagued by quirky little 'issues', I've still got two libraries (mine and just under 1k books and Crystal's at just under 1.6k) built up that need to be transferred across. I don't want to have to re-scan everything. I might just cry. :( So here I sit with phalanges crossed.

I hate waiting.
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  • I just shut Archive (my G4, come to me via a friend in Pennsylvania) down. Tomorrow morning it'll go out to the truck with me, so that I'll have it after work when I get to Crystal and Kelly's place. With both a license for Delicious Library (v1.x, since v2.x won't run on anything less than OS X 10.5.x) and a barcode scanner acquired through a friend, I'm set to do some scanning of Crystal's book collection. She gets dibs, since she's the one that came up with the scanner, you see. :)
  • I'm walking wounded again, having fallen down my front steps last night whilst putting out the rubbish. Both knees are bashed up and I'm as stiff as an oak 2x4. Driving is 'exciting', because of having to fold myself into the Explorer. Which leads into the next point...
  • The truck's not running worth a damn at the moment. What initially looked like a sparkplug gone prematurely dead is now looking like it's the coil itself that's burning out. She stumbles and coughs on the highway, and it's a terribly insecure feeling wondering if the next sputter will be the one that puts her dead on the shoulder. Given my general health PLUS the bashed up knees, I've left the good thermal blanket in the truck just in case she dies and I have to phone for help. It's not a situation I'm really comfortable with, as my gentle readers can no doubt imagine.
  • I'm stuck working a shift tomorrow morning. Saturdays are about my least favorite shifts, and this one's going to be particularly trying. There's nothing really for me to -do- besides sit and wait for the end of my shift; I got all the filing and such taken care of yesterday and today. Maybe I'll just give up and fire up DF and say to hell with the whole mess. I dunno. Maybe something will appear that needs work. *sigh* Did I mention how much I loathe working Saturdays?
I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll get a nap or two.
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As several folks have mentioned already, I know now what being 42 looks like. It looks a lot like being 41, except it starts off with me being a home (well, trailer) owner. I've already been to ColdStone Creamery for my free ice cream... dark chocolate with M&Ms and gummi bears. :) Tonight I scrape together the reserves and order a lasagna from Pizza Hut. My celebrating thus far has involved finishing my re-read of Stephen King's Christine, and my much delayed beginings of Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai!. Yeah, I've never managed to get my hands on it before now.

Crystal and I hit the B.I.G. book sale, and I picked up more than a dozen books. Stephen King's Christine, Needful Things, Different Seasons and Talisman (with Peter Straub) were all found in hardback ($1.50 each!), as well as a copy of Winter's Heart from Robert Jordan. A stack of mixed paperbacks as tall as my arm is long was also procured, with Dorsai! and The Final Encyclopedia among them. I'm hoping to be able to make a list of the Star Trek novels I have already, so that I can start filling in holes. There was a small mountain of ST paperbacks to be had, but I couldn't remember the titles already in my collection.

Book sales make for a happy cabbit.

There will be food soon. This makes the happy cabbit even happier.


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