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  • I just shut Archive (my G4, come to me via a friend in Pennsylvania) down. Tomorrow morning it'll go out to the truck with me, so that I'll have it after work when I get to Crystal and Kelly's place. With both a license for Delicious Library (v1.x, since v2.x won't run on anything less than OS X 10.5.x) and a barcode scanner acquired through a friend, I'm set to do some scanning of Crystal's book collection. She gets dibs, since she's the one that came up with the scanner, you see. :)
  • I'm walking wounded again, having fallen down my front steps last night whilst putting out the rubbish. Both knees are bashed up and I'm as stiff as an oak 2x4. Driving is 'exciting', because of having to fold myself into the Explorer. Which leads into the next point...
  • The truck's not running worth a damn at the moment. What initially looked like a sparkplug gone prematurely dead is now looking like it's the coil itself that's burning out. She stumbles and coughs on the highway, and it's a terribly insecure feeling wondering if the next sputter will be the one that puts her dead on the shoulder. Given my general health PLUS the bashed up knees, I've left the good thermal blanket in the truck just in case she dies and I have to phone for help. It's not a situation I'm really comfortable with, as my gentle readers can no doubt imagine.
  • I'm stuck working a shift tomorrow morning. Saturdays are about my least favorite shifts, and this one's going to be particularly trying. There's nothing really for me to -do- besides sit and wait for the end of my shift; I got all the filing and such taken care of yesterday and today. Maybe I'll just give up and fire up DF and say to hell with the whole mess. I dunno. Maybe something will appear that needs work. *sigh* Did I mention how much I loathe working Saturdays?
I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll get a nap or two.
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Well, my worries about having the A/V side of things taken from me has pretty much been taken care of; I've managed to have quiet little chats with both my boss and HER boss (the one calling the meeting come the 4th) and ascertained their purposes. My boss wants the communication issues that plague us knocked down, as there's starting to be anger and frustration issues over perceived failures and equipment changes. Her boss wants that PLUS a better solution if one exists for providing proper laptop support. I found one today, and she told me bluntly to order one to try, she didn't much care how much it cost. The communication thing is by far the worst area.
  • The other assistant is notorious for making changes without documenting them OR telling/emailing me. It's causing friction and issues on both sides. I'm more than a little territorial, but I can deal with things as long as I know what's been done and why. Discovering something's been un-wired five minutes before a conference start makes the cabbit cranky. Cranky cabbits don't play well with others.
  • The other assistant feels that having to do -any- troubleshooting is 'unprofessional'. This seems to include taking 30 seconds to make sure everything's plugged in right before ripping things apart to do it his way. Again, I never hear about it until the next client comes in and I discover that everything's been disconnected. Again.
  • The other assistant has ranted about my work being 'unstable' and 'undependable'. His reasoning for this seems to be that everything should work exactly the same way every time, no matter how bizarre the client's needs and/or personal equipment is. I'm sorry, but that aging ThinkPad's [function]+[key] to toggle on the VGA out port just MIGHT be different from that brand new Acer... this is -basic- stuff that he (again) feels is unprofessional to have to do. Like I'm some fairy godcabbit with a magic wand that can make it all just work.
Yeah, I'm a bit touchy, there. God help us if someone with a Mac laptop comes in; I'm the -only- one that doesn't throw up the sign to ward off evil and back away. Hell, the Mac's are EASY. Plug the damned VGA cord into it and then turn it on. It detects the projector feed and automagically turns the damned port on. Failing that, there's a bloody icon on the top menu bar off to the right. It's literally RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. Oh, yeah, that falls under basic troubleshooting. My bad. *pounds head on desk*

*grumble* At least I'm not going into this meeting expecting to have to walk out... that was really eating at me. And I'm going to shut up now and try and get some sleep. It's been days since I've had more than a one or two hour nap, and I'm about burned to the ground now. G'nite.
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I may be taking a walk from my job. I'm watching as people maneuver around me, little shifts here, different emphasis there, attempts to deflect me and general evasiveness from co-workers. My innate paranoia knew things were too good to be true, but this goes beyond that: I'm very good at recognizing patterns in events. When OTHER people around me start commenting on the pattern I know there's a problem coming.

I thought I'd left this kind of sh!tstorm behind me when I stroked out of PG. I'm not happy, not at all. Up until recently, I liked my job *and* my boss, which I know is a rarity in the workforce. But if what I'm seeing coming actually materializes, it'll take the parts of the job that I like away from me *AND* be a betrayal from my boss. The entire situation has been caused by a particularly obsessive co-worker who's going to get it in the teeth if I'm pushed out of handling the A/V gear. I'm angry, I'm blue, I'm feeling particularly paranoid...

... and others see the pattern too, which means I'm not imagining things. I'm going to go back to seething, now.


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