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The brakes on the truck are back in new order. Four rotors, three calipers, three sets of brake pads and almost a half gallon of brake fluid. Masochist that he is, the brother in law spent most of today under my truck changing the oil; like our luck with the brakes, it turned out to be seized and was literally in a pretzel shape by the time the filter came off. Threading is still undamaged, so the new Wix filter went on smoothly. Front brakes on Crystal's truck were done without incident or exception, knocked out in roughly half an hour. Oil changes for all three of the other vehicles also went without issue.

The weekend also saw me with enough time to sit and watch The Dark Knight... and to be honest, I was (and am) disappointed. The storyline is scattered and entirely too long, leaving too many unanswered (and often unasked) questions. Any time I start thinking "Oh my GOD(s), isn't this over YET?" during a film it's not going to get high marks from me. There were some nice effects and a lot of excellent scenes, but overall they simply didn't flow together smoothly. 6.5/10 stars. I expect to get yelled at for this one, but it won't do any good.

Next on my list of movies to watch is Perfect Creature. I've high hopes for it, to be honest.

In the 'distressing news column... one of my front teeth snapped off at the gumline this afternoon. I now have seven broken/shattered teeth, six of which are down to the gumline. Maybe someday I'll have dental coverage again. :(


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