Apr. 1st, 2011 05:26 pm
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Well, the Mini showed up today, the heralded replacement for the aging and failing G4/400 that is Archive. Plugged it in, fired it up, oohed and ahhed a bit at 10.6 and then settled in to digging about and figuring out what got moved to where.

Ah, yes, Migration Assistant. The tool that's supposed to ease my tormented soul and make painless the transition to the newer, brighter, far faster and much cuter replacement. Yes indeedy it's rumored to be a handy bugger.

Except it crashed midway through. :(

So I've been back upstairs and set it up to try again. The two machines share a switch upstairs, so it doesn't trouble the rest of the network here while it's thrashing the drives, but the 3+hour ETA doesn't exactly warm my black little heart, you know? I omitted the one user that I -know- is corrupted in hopes that it was the cause of the crash; while I've been beachballed many a time, it's not often that a program or service outright crashes and burns. Yes, crashes happen, but it's not a common experience.

If the more limited scope doesn't help, I'll be down to doing the process for each specific user in an attempt to fully isolate the problem. I've already discovered a couple of spots where I'll have to reinstall software or manually set access privileges. *exhale* The joys of upgrading.

Once it's all done... well, I'll then (in theory) be upgrading to Delicious Library 2, which was the point of the entire process. It requires a minimum of OS X 10.5, and the G4/400 was at the end of the line with 10.4.11... stuck running DL1, the original and less capable version. Dog slow and plagued by quirky little 'issues', I've still got two libraries (mine and just under 1k books and Crystal's at just under 1.6k) built up that need to be transferred across. I don't want to have to re-scan everything. I might just cry. :( So here I sit with phalanges crossed.

I hate waiting.


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